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The Sadie Gibbs Journey

My life as an athlete has been life-long and has led me to a career as a holistic life coach. I want to help others achieve their own success based on what I’ve learned in my own experiences.

Starting as early as aged 4 my parents supported my desire to be a gymnast, and by the age of 8 I had achieved elite gymnast status. This wasn’t easy; I trained 24-32 hours a week to achieve this and it was hard work. Not far into the elite training and competitions I developed an overwhelming fear of travelling backwards in Movement.

Slowly this affected my ability to maintain and compete at the elite standards I had worked so hard for. I tried many things to help overcome this mental block including hypnotherapy, however my mind had created and developed a limitation; I had no power at that point in time to overcome or understand what had happened to me because of this overwhelming fear.

After taking some time away I had the courage and ambition to start again in my teen years, and have been working on my mind and body since then, as I have learned from my childhood experience that these two things are so interlinked.

I went on to develop an aching desire to pursue a career in professional wrestling, so I set a plan in place to help achieve this goal. I knew this was a longshot, but I would have been letting myself down had I not tried.

In May of 2017 I tried out for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and was accepted. By 2019 I had travelled all over Europe and Japan, competing and showcasing my wrestling skills, and by February 2019 I was offered a contract with one of WWE’s biggest up and coming competitors in the wrestling business “All Elite Wrestling.“ I gained a lot of attention and viral exposure due to a particular move called the “The Cockscrew sasuke special” as I was the only wrestler ever to have performed this.

I went to Sadie for online nutrition and training advice, but what I got was so much more than that. I learned about mindset, overcoming obstacles and blocks that had held me back from my goals.

Lawrence Henry PT Client

Sadie is the best!!! She knows just how far to push you, when you don’t think you can work any harder she gets that little bit more out of you.

Rachel Adams PT Client

Sadie is an excellent trainer. She’s committed to your progress and creates workouts which are designed to help you succeed.

Kari Swindon PT Client

I feel so much stronger (both physically and mentally) . She has quite simply transformed my life in such a short amount of time and I cannot recommended her highly enough!

April Warwick PT Client

In these experiences I have learned a lot about myself, and have developed a deep desire and passion to help others do the same. I have learned that what may limit us now may be our greatest triumph in the future.

I have a tattoo in Arabic down my spine “Success is never final and failure never fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts.” I genuinely believe this. My failures have never dictated my future they’ve only ever fueled it, and helped to lead me down a more meaningful, fulfilled path; developing my strength and depth of character to go on to conquer what once seemed Impossible.

Had I of been defined by my setbacks or my perceived failures I would have never gone on to achieve everything I have up to this very point in my life. Being undefinable became my ritual, it became the reason I continue to better myself. Say out loud right now “I’M UNDEFINABLE.” How empowering does that feel?

I want to teach others to see and feel that you, too, are UNDEFINEABLE.

You are not who you think you are, you are who you want to be.